Mission Statement

We’re dedicated to employing our exclusive and patented technologies in existing and new dome venues worldwide. These technologies can be licensed for existing content and IP, or Micoy Entertainment can fully realize your project or support any aspect of the process.

Company Overview

Our award winning team can take your story and create a 3D Stereoscopic Immersive Dome Experience.. Micoy Entertainment is a production studio dedicated to the delivery of visionary immersive entertainment, content and venues. With decades of experience in theatre, immersive art, entertainment production, animation and technology our team of professionals develops content for your projects as we match the latest technologies to your story to produce the most exciting and compelling content in these emerging media. Micoy Entertainment is uniquely pioneering the next generation of special venues and 360 immersive content and is poised to bring your new world of content to life. Micoy Entertainment Clients are comprised of; leading brands, museums, entertainment and gaming companies, corporate marketing, casino & resorts, theme parks, nightclubs, urban developers, events and tradeshow planners. Micoy Entertainment Productions, Venues and Venue Designs include; The Kahramaa Awareness Park – Doha, Qatar; The House of Blues – Hollywood, Las Vegas, Orlando etc; Illusions – Shanghai, China; with extensive designs and additional productions in active development. Our Entertainment Headquarters is located in Burbank, California; with Corporate Offices, Research, Design, Mock-up and Testing Labs in La Verne, California. Fabrication facilities are located in South Korea.